A short webcam-controlled game, built for my CSC495 capstone project.
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motion control
Pet Rock Reqs.docx



A short webcam-controlled game, built for my CSC495 capstone project.

Detailed description in the .docx file.

Demo (Mouse controls only) - FullDemoMouseOnly.jar
  • Basic controls: Mouse over icons to open menus/select objects to give to your rock.
  • Mousing over a menu icon (bottom row) while the corresponding menu is open closes the menu.
  • If you are holding an object, you can discard it with the trash can or apply it to the rock.
SickDemo rules
  • Press Q to toggle sickness on/off. When the rock is sick, its happiness will decrease by 3 points every 2 seconds.
  • Mouse over the white box to open the medicine menu
  • When the menu is open, mouse over the pill to grab it
  • Bring the pill to the rock using the mouse.
  • If the pill is given to the rock while it is sick, its happiness will increase by 15, and its sickness will be cured
  • If the rock is not sick, the pill will lower its happiness by 15.
PoopDemo rules
  • Press Q to spawn poop.
  • Mouse over poop to dispose of it.
  • Press R to reset the meter to 100%.
  • Each poop spawned decreases the meter by 1 point.
  • For each individual poop on-screen, the meter will drop 1 point every 5 seconds since that poop spawned.
FoodDemo rules
  • Stomach meter decreases by 1 every 0.2 seconds.
  • When stomach meter is below 40 points, happiness meter decreases by 2 every 0.2 seconds.
  • Mouse over the food box to open the food menu.
  • Mouse over the red X to close the food menu or mouse over the bread to take a piece of food.
  • Once you are holding bread on the cursor, move the cursor to the rock to feed him.
  • Feeding the rock increases the stomach and happiness meters by 40.
ToysDemo rules
  • Energy meter refills every 0.5 seconds.
  • Hover over the white box in the bottom left corner to open the Toy Box.
  • Hover over a toy to pick it up. Drag it to the rock to play with it.
  • Playing with the rock decreases its energy by 30.
  • If the rock's energy is above 50, playing with it will boost its happiness by 10.
  • Using the rock's favorite toy (tennis ball) to play will boost its happiness by an additional 10.
  • Playing with the rock while it is tired (energy < 50) lowers happiness by 10.