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A simple bash script to make YARA scanning files simpler using the default yara rule packs. Designed and tested on Ubuntu 18.04 using the standard yara found in the Ubuntu repo. It has built in dependancy checking and installing (internet conneciton is required).

Provides a terminal menu system to select which rules to use when scanning files or directories. Also sets up a custom rule location and index for developing and testing custom rules.

Simply download the script and place in a $PATH recognised location and give execution rights (chmod +x mcbyara).

Default installation path is $HOME/yara. Edit YARA_PATH variable to change default location if required.


Single file: mcbyara -f file

Directory: mcbyara -d dir

To use the custom option, place your rule in the custom directory and then edit the custom_index.yar file to include the rule and you're good to go.


Directory scanning is recursive so it is recommended that there are no child directories unless you wish them to be included in the scan.

This script is setup to work with the default yara pack as it is now. Future changes may cause issues which will require tweeking.

Conflicts are common between rules. If a duplicate identifier error is encountered, use grep to identify the rules and edit the identifier to remove the duplication. eg. grep "NjRat" malware/*

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