A simple program that takes in a user specified file and returns the number of lines in the file.
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//a brief introduction to this package
//  by mcb3k

Hello, and welcome to pyLineCounter!

Currently the ground work for this program has been written largely by mcb3k with some advice and input from alm4x.  This program was initially written for a software development class.  It can take a user specified file and count the physical lines of code, i.e. the program returns how many lines, including blank lines, exist in the file.  The program will work on python files, but there is no reason if cannot work for any given text or source file.  I am uncertain what will happen if a .doc or .mp3 file were to be sent through the program.
The logical line counter is currently in development, which will count the logical lines of code, i.e. the number of logical statements.  This code currently makes the whole program unusable.  This will be fixed soon.

A vision for the future:
 * count logical lines of code, e.g. the number of lines of code minus all comments and blank lines. (in progress)
 * error checking, so that .doc or .mp3, etc, don't get sent through the program
 * possibly a GUI, though that would probably be in the far future.

This file will be updated as necessary.