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Page Image

Released under the MIT license. Copyright (c) 2013

Version 0.2; Please report errors.

Image and thumbnail image for the pages array and the meta

With this plugin you will get 4 new properties within the pages

  • {{ page.img }} ... full url of the image associated with the page
  • {{ page.img_tag }} ... full qualified image tag associated with the page
  • {{ page.thmb }} ... full url of the thumbnail image associated with the page
  • {{ page.thmb_tag }} ... full qualified image tag for the thumbnail associated with the page


  1. Copy/save the plugin into plugins folder
  2. OS X only: Optionally install the Create Homepage thumbnail workflow for Automator in OS X to simply create the thumbnail images


Example for Page

{{ current_page.img }}
{{ current_page.img_tag }}
{{ current_page.thmb }}
{{ current_page.thmb_tag }}

Example for listing pages

{% for page in pages%}
  {{ page.img }}
  {{ page.img_tag }}
  {{ page.thmb }}
  {{ page.thmb_tag }}
{% endfor %}

Optional: config


string The extension of the images to assign. Default is .png.

$config['mcb_pageimage_ext'] = ".jpg";


string The postfix for the thimbnails. Default is _th.

$config['mcb_pageimage_ext'] = "_thumbnail";


string Class for the img tag. Default is none.

$config['mcb_pageimage_class'] = "fancybox thumbnail";