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Sublime Text 3+ plugin to make C++ life a little easier
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Cpp Toolkit

A collection of utilities for managing C++ code implementation.

Disclamer: Sublime is not a fully featured C++ IDE and this plugin doesn't try to make it one. It simply tries to speed up your usual work


Auto Implement

Many IDEs out there make use their inherent understanding of you project through syntax and preprocessing to present perks like being able to automatically declare methods from the header within the source. This save the developer loads of time.


Getter / Setter Functions

Getters and setters are used in a plentiful sense in modern C++. For this reason, there is also the ability to right click on members and build their respective functions.

Currently this does its best to identify the proper signature but may not always be what you're looking for. That said it should still speed up Sublime typing.


A Scenario

Let's say you have the header:

// my_file.h
namespace my_namespace

class MyClass : public SomeBase
    // ...

    void getSomeData(float bar, MyStruct::SomeEnum val = MyStruct::Value) const override;

And now you want to move that to your source. Currently in Sublime you have a limited set of options. Until this plugin I would do the following:

  1. Move my cursor to the line and hit Ctrl + C to copy the whole line
    • If the definition was multiple lines, I would use Ctrl + L enough time to get it all or use my mouse
  2. Swap to the source with Alt + O
  3. Move my cursor to where I could declare the method
  4. Paste in the header code via Ctrl + V
  5. Highlight the line (or just have one cursor on it if one line) and Shift + Tab enough to set it
  6. Fill in the ownership chain
  7. Die a little inside
  8. Go throughout the function and remove any cruft like override; and the = MyStrcut::Value in the example above
  9. Finally add the parentheses and get to freaking work

The Fix

With Cpp Toolkit, the workflow is:

  1. Right click on the function name to declare
  2. Go to C++ Toolkit > Declare in <source_file_name>.cpp

And bam! You'll be moved to the source file, all the right guts and ownership will be filled in, no pesky non-const classifiers or default values, and your cursor will be right where you need it to start typing the function body!

Note: At the moment, this assumes, just like the Alt + O shortcut, that the header and implentation are next to each other in the filesystem. In the future I may add ways to declare an implementation root or location or some such.

The Catch

Ultimately, this tool is parsing the file and doing what it can with immediate information but, as any C++ developer knows, the language has quite a few caveats so you may not get the perfect signature or ownership every time however it should still get you moving in the right direction and speed up a lot of typing.


Using Package Control Sublime Package Manager

To install use these commands (once it's up on the Sublime Package Repository).

  • Hit Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Type install and select Package Control: Install Package
  • Type CppToolkit and select CppToolkit


There are many things to do for this plugin that I'm hoping to tick away at in my spare time

  1. Basic preprocess for things like #ifdef 0 ... #endif clauses
  2. Camel case/Snake case conversion when needed This is already in the sweet CaseConversion plugin
  3. Switch statement breakout (based on some kind of classifier)
  4. Smart inject based on other declarations in the source rather than always at the end
  5. Reverse implement to go from source to header under a given privilege
  6. Apply changes to function signatures in both header and source
  7. Getter/Setter functions of members (done)
  8. Have the commands work in both source and header, just using the parser to understand what commands can be used
  9. Hotkeys for select functions
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