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MCCI Catena

Hardware and software from MCCI Corporation


  1. Forked from things-nyc/arduino-lmic

    LoraWAN-MAC-in-C library, adapted to run under the Arduino environment

    C 552 192

  2. User-friendly library for using arduino-lmic with The Things Network and other LoRaWAN® networks

    C++ 227 50

  3. A complete IoT server for LoRaWAN IoT projects: node-red + influxdb + grafana + ssl + let's encrypt using docker-compose.

    Shell 79 57

  4. Top-level Arduino sketches for the MCCI Catena family of IoT LPWA Devices

    C++ 12 21

  5. HW-Designs Public

    MCCI's open-source hardware designs for Catena projects.

    12 10

  6. Arduino board-support packages for MCCI-Catena

    6 2


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