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This Nuget offers easy access to the StatsMix API. See for more information. What is StatsMix?

StatsMix makes it easy to track, chart, and share application and business metrics. Use StatsMix to:

  • Log every time a particular event happens (such as a user creating a new blog post)
  • View a real-time chart of these application events in StatsMix's web UI
  • Share the charts with users inside and outside your organization
  • Create and share custom dashboards that aggregate multiple metrics together

To get started, you'll need an API key for StatsMix. You can get a free developer account here:

Full documentation is at

Download and Install

Our Nuget can be found in the Nuget Gallery [here] dl_nuget.


###Initialize Create a new StatsMix Client

using StatsMix;
Client smClient = new Client("YOUR_API_KEY");

###Track The track method sends a request to the track API, and returns the response as a string. The following snippets were taken from [this example file.] track_exmpl

Basic Tracking. Adds a new stat with default value of 1 to the metric.

smClient.track("Metric Name");

Track with a value other than one

smClient.track("Metric Name", 5.2);

Track with additional properties

var properties = new Dictionary<string, string>();
properties.Add("value", "5.1"); //If you do not include value, it will default to 1
properties.Add("ref_id", "Test01");
properties.Add("generated_at", DateTime.Now.ToString());
smClient.track("metric_name", properties);

Track with meta data

var meta = new Dictionary<string, string>();
meta.Add("food", "icecream");
meta.Add("calories", "500");
smClient.track("metric_name", properties, meta);