To fetch and parse Florida election results for McClatchy markets to elex-format JSON
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This is an effort to download Florida election results in near-real time, and convert them into the Elex format. This was a joint effort between the Palm Beach Post and the Miami Herald. Those with questions can email Mike Stucka at and Caitlin Ostroff at

This is an effort to parse county-level results for Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe and Manatee. It also pulls from the state's county-wide file.

Setup: Install the requirements

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

The Files:

  • bash runs the scrapers and the parsers to pull election results
    • python Dade County scraper
    • python Broward County scraper
    • python Monroe County scraper
    • python Manatee County scraper
    • python Merges all of the county results into one Elex-formatted csv and spits out resultscomposite.json. This currently commented out becasue the Herald wound up not using it.
    • python Does all of the math for the races and spits out stateagg.json and countyagg.json for an aggregate count of the races

The Data

Data is stored in the /snapshots directory followed by the county name for each