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The aim of this repository is to support any card game (std. french deck) the user(s) wish to play. Basic functionality includes:

  • Drawing from the main deck to the table
  • Drawing from the main deck to a specified hand
  • Drawing from a specified hand to the table
  • Drawing from the table to a specified hand
  • Drawing from the table to the discard pile
  • Drawing from a specified hand to the discard pile
  • Drawing from the discard pile to the table
  • Drawing from the discard pile to a specified hand

There are currently two versions of this program.

C only, console based

To compile, navigate to server/backend/ and execute

make main

To run, simply execute in the same directory:


There is a set of predetermined commands that can be run. While running the program, execute:


to see more.

ASP.NET/MVC Server, Python frontend

To compile, navigate to backend/ and execute:

make library

Place the resulting .so file in server/CardsServer/bin.


Start the server by running the C# program from within visual studio. Note the port.

To run, from client/, execute:


Enter in the server box localhost:xxxx and click submit.

AWS/EC2 Hosted

Start an EC2 instance (Windows Server 2012 Base ami) with RDP (3389), HTTP (80), and web deployment (8172) ports open. The HTTP port needs to be universal to allow anyone to connect to the main server and achieve the desired functionality. Log in and set up remote publishing and web. If inexperienced with this, you may find links like:

particularly helpful.

Publish the server code from within visual studio to the ec2 instance. You'll need to transfer over the C backend manually. You can do this either through ssh, or through adding a virtual drive to the RDP. Preferrably, you would copy over the entire backend/ directory and run make from within. Store the .so file in the server's running directory, under bin/. Remember to enable 32 bit applications in your website's application pool. This is necesarry to interface with the C backend.

To run, from client, execute:


Enter the EC2 instance's public dns in the server box and click submit.


game with aim to play any legitimate card game the user wants to play



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