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Defend the Castle

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  • Defend the Castle is a fast-paced arcade-style video game, with a twist on the classic tower defense genre.
  • An evil wizard has opened portals that are spawning malicious creatures on your King's island. Defend the castle from attacking bats at all costs!
  • The engine and game are written from scratch in JavaScript, and it runs right in your browser.

In Game Screenshot:

alt text

How To Play

  • movement: WASD or Arrow Keys (up, down, left, right)
  • to attack: run sword in to a bat!
  • portals will spawn more bats
  • bats will charge the castle
  • red arrows indicate offscreen enemies approaching
  • game over when Castle Strength depletes

alt text

Running it locally

To get it up and running locally, you'll need to have a local http-server. I use http-server

Once you have http-server installed then:

  • Clone this repo.

  • From the root directory of it, run: $ http-server In your browser, open: http://localhost:8080 and http-server will automatically load the index.html from that directory.

  • Leave http-server running, and whenever you change the code, you can do a hard refresh to run the newly saved code.


  • Feel free to download this code, play with it, and add to the game, etc!

  • res/textures/tiles.png and snow_expansion.png have a ton of extra assets to crop and insert in to the game!

  • If the leaderboards ever gets fubar, use res/leaderboard/leaderboard.json as a template. (and/or submit an issue so that I know!)