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Toy Consignment Shop

You are going to create an application for a consignment store specializing in children's toys. Use Google image search to find some toys for your store.

SASS Automation

You must use SASS to style your application. Using your automation tool of choice, set up a task to automate the transpilation of SASS to CSS for inclusion in your application.

Firebase Structure

Create a new Firebase application. There will only be one collection, named toys.

Toy Data

Each toy will need the following properties.

  1. Name
  2. Price
  3. Image URL
  4. Short description


You will need 3 views in this application. You must use Handebars to create templates for each view. Use jQuery to swap the views in and out of an entry point element in index.html when the user chooses to visit those sections of your app. Use Browserify to modularize and compile your JS.

List all toys

When viewing all toys, provide a text box on the screen that will allow the user to filter the toys on the product name. Use Bootstrap for laying the toys out in a grid.

View individual toy details

Create a basic view that shows the toy name as a title, the toy image, and the price. Ensure there is an affordance for the user to easily get back to the list of toys.

Add / delete toy

Create a form for addding a new toy to Firebase. Make sure the form fields match the format you defined in your toys collection.

You will also need to add a button to each toy that allows the user to delete it from the list and from Firebase.