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not sure what could be wrong. i downloaded the ANE and it works perfectly with a debug build, but with a release, my pure as3 app crashes right after loading. does anyone get that?


Did You check the checkbox for packaging ane for the export release build?
Are You using the functions from the ane in the begining?
What device are You using?
Add more details..


ok, i migrated all my development to a fresh flashbuilder project (i was using fdt). checked the checkbox (it says i'm not using the ANE, but i am!!) and it works perfectly fine with a release build now. it's just odd that before it worked for on a debug, but not on a release. but anyway..

i blame it on my ant missing some part of the adt command line then. but honestly, no idea wtf could be.

i'm sorry for taking your time, but do you see anything wrong in this? i thought having the -extdir was the trick, but i'm sure it's not enough. the debug command line is exactly like that and it works though..
${adt} -package
-target ipa-app-store
-storetype pkcs12
-keystore ${dist_certificate}
-storepass ${certPassword}
-provisioning-profile ${dist_provisioning.profile}
"${publish.dir}/${publish.ipa} ${application.descriptor}
-extdir ../native/
-platformsdk /Applications/
-C ${deploy.dir}/ ${deploy.swf}

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*exactly but using the developer profile, obviously :)


I am no longer actively developing this

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