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Erlang interface for Tokyo Tyrant
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Medici is a Tokyo Tyrant interface for Erlang.  It is composed of two
basic parts, principe and the medici server.

Principe is a thin Erlang wrapper around the Tokyo Tyrant TCP/IP API.
It suports hash, b-tree, and table databases (the latter via the
principe_table module). Principe does not do any connection handling
beyond providing a simple connect() function, it just makes requests
to a tyrant server and returns the results.

Medici is an Erlang app that provides a supervised pool of client
connections to the tyrant service (via principe) and a client controller
that provides an fairly robust api for other processes to use when
accessing the tyrant service.  The medici app can also run a tyrant
server as a port, controlling the server from Erlang and eliminating
the necessity to start/stop this server outside of the Erlang application.

Mad props to Bob Ippolito for the pytyrant package that I used as a
template and to Harish Mallipeddi whose tora package provided the
response handling functions I am using with a few minor tweaks.

Additional thanks to Yurii Rashkovski and Bhasker V Kode for bug fixes.

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