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A library which provides a lazy sequence over Korma and ClojureQL queries

Results are sorted by a key, which may be a compound key. The direction of the sort may be specified

Results are fetched in batches for efficiency. The batch-size may be specified

A transactor function should be supplied, which will be called with a function which executes SQL requests. The transactor should set up a transaction and call its parameter function. A function is supplied to construct a transactor from a JDBC DataSource, and the \*default-transactor\* dynamic variable can be set for some forms for the thread using the with-default-transactor macro, after which a transactor need not be supplied


(require '[clojureql.core :as q])
(require '[korma.core :as k])
(require '[qseq.core :as qs])

(qs/with-default-transactor (qs/transactor my-data-source)

  (-> (q/table :users)

  (-> (k/select* :users)

  (-> (k/select* :users)
      (qs/qseq :batch-size 100 :key [:name :rank] :dir :desc :transactor my-transactor)

  (-> (q/table :users)
      (q/join (q/table :posts)
              (q/where (= :posts.user_id
      (qs/qseq [] :dir :asc)))


Copyright © 2012 mccraigmccraig of the clan mccraig

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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