Vagrant setup to build a basic LAMP server.
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LAMP Server

Vagrant setup to build a basic LAMP server.


How to setup

Create folder to host setup:

mkdir /path/to/host/files

Clone repository:

cd /path/to/host/files
git clone

Start you VM and install dependencies:

vagrant up

Accesing your server

This setup will create and run a VM running Linux (Ubuntu 12.04), Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Port forwarding was setup to port 8080 so that you can access your server on your host machine via:


  • The created VM is be running a copy of of Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 64bit (12.04 LTS). This will fetched and created using a box. Check Vagrant boxes for more detail.
  • The VM is setup to have 1GB of RAM memory. Be sure to have that available.
  • The povision installs others packages, suitable to my personal use. If you do not require them, edit the file.
  • The first time you run vagrant up all the setup up and provision will be done. This might take a while. Please be patient.