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Docker Compose: Drupal

Drupal development environment using Docker Compose.


php-fpm-nginx => php-fpm, nginx, mysql, solr. apache => apache, mysql, solr.


  1. Docker
docker --version
  1. Docker Compose
docker-compose --version
  1. Docker Machine NFS (optional)
  • Mac Users using this script to use NFS should be able to use default setup.
  • If not using NFS or on other OS, see Dockerfile for directory ownership mapping.


  1. Place Drupal in the /drupal/ directory so that it lives at docker-compose-drupal/drupal.
  2. (optional) Create a /build/ directory outside of this repo and clone Apache Solr for Drupal there.
  3. Run docker-compose up
  4. Visit http://VBOXNET_IP:8000 in your browser
  5. Use drupal:drupal@mysql/drupal for the database settings. e.g. docker exec -i drupaldockercompose_mysql_1 mysql -udrupal -pdrupal drupal < database_dump.sql
  6. To run a Drush command, execute docker-compose exec web drush status


Licensed under the permissive MIT license.


With thanks to Rob Loach for his Docker Compose repo, @wadmiraal for his Docker Drupal repo and Karol Sojko, my fellow colleague from X-Team for all their help, directly & indirectly.

Copyright © 2016+ Paul McCrodden