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A compilation of solutions to the hacknight problems.
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A compilation of solutions to the hacknight problems. This is meant to be a place where everyone can post their own solutions to the problems we pose during hacknights. Even if you see an answer in the same language you have a solution feel free to post yours if it is diffrent enough. Feel free to make pull requests on a solution if you think it could be improved or if it doesn't work. Being a github repo this is meant to be social so work together on the solutions and try to come up with wacky solutions in an unusual language just be sure to follow the rules so that it doesn't become too chaotic.

Some basic rules are as follows:

  1. The solution should work. It doesn't have to be the shortest or the fastest but it should work.
  2. Comment your solution. Don't worry too much about it making massive amounts of sense but someone who was unable to solve the problem should be able to follow your logic.
  3. Don't play code golf. It might be great to have the shortest solution when you remove every space and use variable names that don't make any sense but this is meant to be an educational repo and compressing the hell out of your code helps no one.
  4. Follow the basic organizational structure that has been established. We don't want to loose anything or for it to become unruly.
  5. Additional answers should be be added via pull requests. Whenever a new set of questions are asked the folders will be updated by a commit but all answer submission should be done by pull request.


For now, until someone decides there is a better way to do it, there will be a folder for each night named with the date of the hacknight. There will be a hard, medium, and easy folder inside of each of those folders. Within each difficulty folder there is a md file with the problem along with all of the solutions to that problem.

Now go forth and hack! Use weird languages and find novel solutions to those problems.

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