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A term frequency-inverse document frequency (tf-idf) calculator written in Clojure.

To learn more about calculating and the uses of tf-idf visit www.tfidf.com. Additionally, this resource provides a clarifying example.


Download the ZIP file here or if you are interested in receiving updates versions of the source code or want to contribute, clone the repository using the following commands (in the directory where you want the tool to be cloned):

$ git clone https://github.com/mccurdyc/tf-idf.git


To see the help menu, either don't run the .jar file with any parameters or run it with the -h flag shown by the following command:

$ java -jar tf-idf.jar -h

  -d, --directory DIRECTORY  * [Required] Corpus (directory) for which tf-idf is to be calculated
  -h, --help                 Print this help menu

To calculate the term frequency-inverse document frequency for a corpus (or directory) use the -d or --directory flag with the absolute path to the directory as in the example below.

$ java -jar tf-idf.jar -d /path/to/directory


In this repository, I have provided a data/ directory with sample text files for which you can test this tool. The sample directory contains the following files:

  │   doc1.txt
  │   doc2.txt
  │   doc3.txt
  │   doc4.txt
  │   doc5.txt

This is necessary to demonstrate what the output directory structure will look like for a given input directory. To calculate the term frequency-inverse document frequency for this directory, type the following into a shell:

$ java -jar tf-idf.jar -d data

This produces an output/ directory in the root of the project. Included in this directory will be a comma-separated values file with the tf-idf values for each file included in the input directory. The output from the example command above will produce the following output/ directory:

│   doc1.txt
│   doc2.txt
│   doc3.txt
│   doc4.txt
│   doc5.txt
│   doc1-output.csv
│   doc2-output.csv
│   doc3-output.csv
│   doc4-output.csv
│   doc5-output.csv

A snippet from an output file doc1-output.csv produced, specifically for doc1.txt, will look like the following:


Development Environment

The tf-idf has been created and run on an Arch Linux 4.8.10-1 workstation with Clojure 1.8.0 and the OpenJDK 1.8.0_112 version of Java. It was also run on an Arch Linux 4.8.10-1 workstation with Oracle's Java SE Runtime Environment version 1.8.0_102 as well as OpenJDK 1.7.0_111 version of Java. To further ensure usability, this tf-idf calculator was run on a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro running MacOS Sierra (Version 10.12.1) with Oracle's Java SE Runtime Environment version 1.8.0_66. Finally, I ran this tool on a machine running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS running Oracle's Java SE Runtime Environment version 1.8.0_111. If you are unable to run this tool with your development tools and your execution environment, then please open a new issue and I will attempt to resolve your concerns.


Distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3.0.

Problems or Praise?

If you have any problems with downloading or understanding the tool, then please create an issue associated with this Git repository using the "Issues" link at the top of this site. As the sole contributor to this repository, I will do everything possible to resolve your issue and provide help where I can to get the tool working for you in your in your development environment. If you find that this tool helps you --- as a point of reference or in your tf-idf calculations --- then I also encourage you to "star" and "watch" this project! Enjoy!