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Generic fabfile for my "static" web sites hosted on TextDrive. Knows how to
bootstrap and deploy those sites.
* We're operating in a directory with the same name as the web site
* The github repo for the site has the same name as well
from fabric.api import env, local, run, task
env.hosts = ['']
env.use_ssh_config = True
TARGET_DIR = '/var/www/'
def ensure_target():
run('mkdir -p {}'.format(TARGET_DIR))
def deploy():
"""Build and deploy a new version of the site."""
src = 'dist/'
dst = '{}:{}'.format(env.hosts[0], TARGET_DIR)
if not dst.endswith('/'):
dst = dst + '/'
cmd = 'rsync --verbose --progress --recursive --delete {} {}'.format(
src, dst)
def build():
"""Build a new index.html page from the Python docs."""
local('cp -r resources dist')
local('./ > dist/index.html')
def clean():
"""Clean up after a build."""
local('rm -rf dist')