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A simple tool for picking out information from the minecraft JARs, primarily useful for developers.
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Burger is a tiny "framework" for automatically extracting data from the minecraft game for the purpose of writing the protocol specification, interoperability, and other neat uses.

The Idea

Burger is made up of toppings, which can provide and satisfy simple dependencies, and which can be run all-together or just a few specifically. Each topping is then aggregated by into the whole and output as a JSON dictionary.


The simplest way to use Burger is to pass the -d or --download flag, which will download the minecraft client for you.

$ python --download

Alternatively, you can specify either the client or the server JAR by passing it as an argument.

$ python minecraft_server.jar

We can redirect the output from the default stdout by passing -o <path> or --output <path>.

$ python -d --output output.json

We can see what toppings are available by passing -l or --list.

$ python --list

We can also run specific toppings by passing a comma-delimited list to -t or --toppings. If a topping cannot be used because it's missing a dependency, it will output an error telling you what also needs to be included.

$ python -d --toppings language,stats

The above example would only extract the language information, as well as the stats and achievements (both part of stats).

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