minecraft server wrapper, written in python with twisted
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mark2 is a minecraft server wrapper, written in python and twisted. It aims to be the definitive wrapper, providing a rich feature-set and a powerful plugin interface. It has no requirement on craftbukkit.


  • Your server runs in the background
  • Multiple users can attach at once, with their own local prompt and command buffer
  • Built in monitoring using cpu, memory, players and connectivity
  • Rich screen/tmux-like client with built-in monitoring, tab-complete, command history, etc


  • Powerful scheduling plugin, with a cron-like syntax. You can hook onto events like @serverstopped to run a cartograph, or run save on an interval
  • Automatically restart the server when it crashes, runs out of memory, or stops accepting connections
  • Notifications via Prowl, Pushover, NotifyMyAndroid or email if something goes wrong.
  • Relay in-game chat to IRC, and vice-versa
  • MCBouncer ban support, even on a vanilla server.
  • Read an RSS feed (such as a subreddit feed) and announce new entries in-game
  • Back up your map and server log when the server stops
  • Print a random message at an interval, e.g. '[SERVER] Lock your chests with /lock'
  • Respond to user commands, e.g. ' !teamspeak' could msg Notch Join our teamspeak server at xyz.com

see INSTALL.md for requirements and installation instructions

see USAGE.md for details on how to use mark2