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import re
import ConfigParser
class BuilditConfigParser(ConfigParser.RawConfigParser):
# we override the OPTCRE expression below to only consider '=' a
# separator (not = and :).
OPTCRE = re.compile(
r'\s*(?P<vi>[=])\s*' # any number of space/tab,
# followed by = separator
# followed by any # space/tab
r'(?P<value>.*)$' # everything up to eol
def optionxform(self, v):
# do not munge case as RawConfigParser does.
return v
def _read(self, fp, fpname):
"""Parse a sectioned setup file.
The sections in setup file contains a title line at the top,
indicated by a name in square brackets (`[]'), plus key/value
options lines, indicated by `name: value' format lines.
Continuations are represented by an embedded newline then
leading whitespace. Blank lines, lines beginning with a '#',
and just about everything else are ignored.
cursect = None # None, or a dictionary
curxformer = None
optname = None
lineno = 0
e = None # None, or an exception
while True:
line = fp.readline()
if not line:
lineno = lineno + 1
# comment or blank line?
if line.strip() == '' or line[0] in '#;':
# continuation line?
if line[0].isspace() and cursect is not None and optname:
value = line.strip()
if value:
old = cursect[optname]
if curxformer:
value = extenders[curxformer](old, value)
cursect[optname] = "%s\n%s" % (old, value)
# a section header or option header?
# is it a section header?
mo = self.SECTCRE.match(line)
if mo:
sectname ='header')
if sectname in self._sections:
cursect = self._sections[sectname]
elif sectname == ConfigParser.DEFAULTSECT:
cursect = self._defaults
cursect = {'__name__': sectname}
self._sections[sectname] = cursect
# So sections can't start with a continuation line
optname = None
# no section header in the file?
elif cursect is None:
raise ConfigParser.MissingSectionHeaderError(fpname,
lineno, line)
# an option line?
mo = self.OPTCRE.match(line)
if mo:
optname, vi, optval ='option', 'vi', 'value')
if vi == '=' and ';' in optval:
# ';' is a comment delimiter only if it follows
# a spacing character
pos = optval.find(';')
if pos != -1 and optval[pos-1].isspace():
optval = optval[:pos]
optval = optval.strip()
# allow empty values
if optval == '""':
optval = ''
optname = optname.rstrip()
optname, optval, curxformer = typexform(optname, optval,
fpname, lineno,
cursect[optname] = optval
# a non-fatal parsing error occurred. set up the
# exception but keep going. the exception will be
# raised at the end of the file and will contain a
# list of all bogus lines
if not e:
e = ConfigParser.ParsingError(fpname)
e.append(lineno, repr(line))
# if any parsing errors occurred, raise an exception
if e:
raise e
def xformtokens(s):
return [x.strip() for x in s.split()]
def extendtokens(old, new):
new = xformtokens(new)
return old
xforms = {'tokens':xformtokens}
extenders = {'tokens':extendtokens}
def typexform(optname, optval, fpname, lineno, line):
if not ':' in optname:
return optname, optval, None
optname, xformername = optname.split(':', 1)
xformer = xforms.get(xformername)
if xformer is None:
e = ConfigParser.ParsingError(fpname)
e.append(lineno, repr(line))
raise e
return optname, xformer(optval), xformername
def parse(filename, defaults=None):
sections = {}
if defaults is None:
defaults = {}
if hasattr(filename, 'readline'):
fp = filename
fp = open(filename, 'r')
parser = BuilditConfigParser(defaults)
for section in parser.sections():
sections[section] = dict(parser.items(section))
return sections