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Bootstrap compatible templates for the deform form library
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deform_bootstrap provides Bootstrap compatible templates for the deform form library.

How to use it

In your Paste Deploy configuration file (e.g. development.ini) add deform_bootstrap to the list of pyramid_includes, or add a this line if a pyramid.includes setting does not exist:

pyramid.includes = deform_bootstrap

This will put the templates in deform_bootstrap/templates into the deform search path.

Work in progress

Work still needs to be done on individual widget templates. Some widgets include markup with <ul> and <li> elements that don't work very well with Bootstrap. Contributions the in form of markup changes and style corrections are most welcome.

deform_bootstrap currently passes around 95% of the deformdemo tests. (The remaining five percent are probably related to a setup issue with the the tests.)

If you want to quickly try out deform_bootstrap and see how it looks in practice you can run these commands, assuming that you have a virtualenv set up in your deform_bootstrap directory:

$ git clone
$ cd deformdemo
$ ../bin/python develop
$ cd ..
$ bin/pserve demo.ini

You should now be able to access the demo site at

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