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Bootstrap compatible templates for the deform form library
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deform_bootstrap provides Bootstrap compatible templates for the deform form library.

Currently, it only overrides a handful of templates to make deform forms look OK with bootstrap. Eventually, this package might grow to contain widgets for Bootstrap.

How to use it

In your Paste Deploy configuration file (e.g. development.ini) add deform_bootstrap to the list of pyramid_includes, or add a this line if a pyramid.includes setting does not exist:

pyramid.includes = deform_bootstrap

This will put the templates in deform_bootstrap/templates into the deform search path.

Work in progress

Work still needs to be done on individual widget templates. Contributions the in form of markup changes and style corrections are most welcome.

deform_bootstrap passes 100% of the deformdemo tests. Please do run the Selenium tests before submitting a patch.

If you want to quickly try out deform_bootstrap and see how it looks in practice you can run these commands, assuming that you have a virtualenv set up in your deform_bootstrap directory:

$ git clone
$ cd deformdemo
$ ../bin/python develop
$ cd ..
$ bin/pserve demo.ini

You should now be able to access the demo site at

Running Selenium tests

Follow the instructions in deformdemo to install Selenium. Then install deform_bootstrap in your virtualenv and from within the deform_bootstrap package run this command:

$ bin/python deform_bootstrap/demo/


input_prepend / input_append

Bootstrap has a nice feature to prepend/append text to input[type=text] form elements (see To use it with deform_bootstrap you can simply pass input_prepend or input_append as keyword arguments to the widget constructor in your colander.Schema subclass:

class PersonSchema(colander.Schema):
    weight = colander.SchemaNode(
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