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""" This is an example of running Ptah in 1 module. """
import cgi
from paste.httpserver import serve
from memphis import view
import ptah_cms
view.registerRoute('show_models', '/show_models')
def show_models(request):
models = ptah_cms.Session.query(ptah_cms.Content).all()
return cgi.escape(str(models))
@view.pyramidView('show_info', context=ptah_cms.Content)
def show_info(context, request):
return cgi.escape(str(
@view.pyramidView('list_children', context=ptah_cms.Container)
def list_children(context, request):
out = []
for name, child in context.items():
if isinstance(child, ptah_cms.Container):
href = '<a href="%slist_children">%s</a>' #XXX extra /?
href = href % (request.resource_url(child), child.title)
href = '<a href="%sshow_info">%s</a>'
href = href % (request.resource_url(child), child.title)
return '<br />'.join(out)
if __name__ == '__main__':
""" need to point to your settings.ini file in make_wsgi_app call.
http://localhost:8080/show_models is url dispatch function.
http://localhost:8080/list_children is traverser on context
$resource_url/show_info on either folder or content.
import ptah
app = ptah.make_wsgi_app({'settings':r'./ptah.ini'})
serve(app, host='')