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You will need:
* python 2.4 or later.
* ProxyTypes which can be found here:
* validatish
* convertish
* schemaish
* dottedish
* mako - the inbuild renderer uses mako and we only have mako widgets at the
moment so unless you configure your own templates this is fairly required
Optional Requirements
* ImageMagick - If you want to use the in built image resizing (and to run the unit tests)
* webob - The tests build their own request objects to get things working
* python-magic - for image upload suffix recognitiion
for testing
* nose - for functionaal tests
* restish - The functional tests use restish as a web framework
functional tests and testish test site
* selenium - The functional tests use selenium
* paste & pastescript - for running servers and creating templates
* markdown - for styling bits of content
* pygments - code highlighting for testish
If you have easy_install, you can run the following
easy_install formish
This will also bring in all of the core requirements.
We have a larger range of tests for widgets, validation and conversion in formish/tests/testish which can be run as
You may have to tweak the scripts to get them going..
Last Ditch installs
If you want to make sure you have everything that may be used, try this..
easy_install -U setuptools
easy_install webob
easy_install proxytypes
easy_install mako
easy_install paste
easy_install pastescript
easy_install nose
easy_install python-magic
easy_install beautifulsoup
easy_install decorator
easy_install markdown
easy_install pygments
easy_install restish
easy_install validatish
easy_install convertish
easy_install schemaish
easy_install formish
easy_install dottedish
The functional also require imagemagick and selenium which will need installing via some other method (aptitude, download etc)
Selenium can be found at - -
Download this and place the following scripts in the selenium-remote-control-1.0-beta-2/selenium-server-1.0-beta-2 directory
and here is a script to listen in for tests
.. code-block:: bash
# Display we'll run Xnest on.
# Start Xnest and capture its pid.
Xnest $XNEST_DISPLAY -ac &
# From now on we want all X11 apps to start on Xnest's display.
# Let's run a nice, light window manager on it.
openbox-session &
# Start selenium server.
java -jar selenium-server.jar -forcedBrowserMode "*firefox3 /usr/lib/firefox-****INSERTCORRECTVERSION***/firefox"
# Shutdown Xnest
kill $xnest_pid
NB: Check firefox version number in above
When you run this script it should set up a listening selenium server that will pick up on the func tests you might run. Check the path to firefox as the version changes regularly. Different versions of java play differently too...