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You will need:
* python 2.4 or later.
* PEAK-rules which can be found here:
* ProxyTypes which can be found here:
* validatish
* convertish
* schemaish
* mako - the inbuild renderer uses mako and we only have mako widgets at the
moment so unless you configure your own templates this is fairly required
Optional Requirements
* ImageMagick - If you want to use the in built image resizing (and to run the unit tests)
* webob - The tests build their own request objects to get things working
* restish - The functional tests use restish as a web framework
* selenium - The functional tests use selenium
If you have easy_install, you can run the following
easy_install formish
This will also bring in all of the requirements.
You can run the standard unittests by running
nosetests formish/tests/unittests
in the formish home directory
We have a larger range of tests for widgets, validation and conversion in formish/tests/testish which can be run as
nosetests testish/lib/test_functests
nosetests testish/lib/test_unittests
or just
notsetests if you want to test everything..
The functional tests require restish, imagemagick, selenium, webob
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