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from pyramid.exceptions import ConfigurationError
from pymongo import Connection
URI = 'mongo.uri'
USERNAME = 'mongo.username'
PASSWORD = 'mongo.password'
DBNAME = 'mongo.db'
def get_connection(config):
registry = config.registry
uri = registry.settings.get(URI)
if uri is None:
raise ConfigurationError('There is no configured "mongo.uri"')
return Connection(uri)
def get_db(request, name=None):
dbname = name
registry = request.registry
if name is None:
dbname = registry.settings.get(DBNAME)
if dbname is None:
raise ConfigurationError('There is no defined database name')
mongodbs = getattr(request, '_mongo_dbs', dict())
db = mongodbs.get(dbname)
if db is None:
conn = getattr(registry, '_mongo_conn', None)
if conn is None:
raise ConfigurationError('There is no database connection available')
db = conn[dbname]
mongodbs[dbname] = db
request._mongo_dbs = mongodbs
username = registry.settings.get(USERNAME)
password = registry.settings.get(PASSWORD)
if not username is None and not password is None:
db.authenticate(username, password)
def end_request(request):
return db
def includeme(config):
Get a mongodb instance from the URI in the config file
config.registry._mongo_conn = get_connection(config)
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