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remember why 2.6 is the lowest version

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@@ -50,13 +50,9 @@ versions earlier than 2.6 nor Python 3 versions earlier than 3.1.
*true* minimum Python 3 version. In particular, however, Python
3.0 is not supported.
-.. XXX (chrism) I need to re-remember why Python 2.5 can't handle this
- spec. I wish I had written it down. Armin: Maybe for eliminating
- need to call ``.close`` on application iterable which is a
- generator. WSGI middleware sometimes doesn't close the generator,
- which leaks memory. Armin says maybe not a good idea to eliminate
- the need to call ``.close``; even though it's desirable, it might
- be a problem.
+.. note:: Python 2.6 is the first Python version that supported an
+ alias for ``bytes`` and the ``b"foo"`` literal syntax. This is why
+ it is the minimum version supported by Web3.
Explicability and documentability are the main technical drivers for
the decisions made within the standard.
@@ -124,14 +120,6 @@ Differences from WSGI
by guessing the length from the response iterable. This must be set
by the application itself in all situations.
- .. XXX (chrism) I'm -0 on this; this behavior doesn't seem that
- harmful. If we do keep it, we need to remove the bit in
- "Specification Details" about ``len(body)``. Armin: Middlewares
- are currently not resetting ``Content-Length`` if it's there.
- Bug in 2.4 and 2.5 where reverse list iterator had ``__len__`` which
- changed depending on how much was already consumed by the
- iterator. Armin's +0.
- If the origin server advertises that it has the ``web3.async``
capability, a Web3 application callable used by the server is
permitted to return a callable that accepts no arguments. When it
@@ -250,7 +238,7 @@ server.
d = {}
for k, v in os.environ.items():
# Python 3 compatibility
- if not insinstance(v, bytes):
+ if not isinstance(v, bytes):
# We must explicitly encode the string to bytes under
# Python 3.1+
v = v.encode(encoding, 'surrogateescape')
@@ -433,12 +421,6 @@ other transformations for the purpose of implementing HTTP features
such as byte-range transmission. See `Other HTTP Features`_, below,
for more details.)
-If a call to ``len(body)`` succeeds, the server must be able to rely
-on the result being accurate.
-.. XXX (chrism) Must remove above if we say that we don't expect
- servers to set missing Content-Length headers.
If the ``body`` iterable returned by the application has a ``close()``
method, the server or gateway **must** call that method upon
completion of the current request, whether the request was completed

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