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AutoIt script to run the TeamViewer installer in unattended (read: script controlled) mode
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This script does "remote control" the TeamViewer and TeamViewer Host installers to allow heavy users to deploy it unattended, without being forced to use the (imho way to expensive for private usage) MSI package.


This project is licensed under the GPLv3. See the LICENSE file, or the GNU website, for details.

Copyright / Trademarks

TeamViewer is a registered trademark by TeamViewer GmbH. I am in no way associated with the product or company, and without doubt they don't endorse this script.

Usage overview

  1. Compile the script into an actual executable, see the AutoIt documentation for details.
  2. Copy teamviewer-o-matic.conf.sample, rename the copy to teamviewer-o-matic.conf and fill it with your details.
  3. Run teamviewer-o-matic.exe <full|host> <languageToUse>, a tray tip telling you it's waiting for setup will appear.
  4. Run the choosen TeamViewer installer and watch the magic.

Supported languages

  • German - Use with "german" as param, translation by Tobias Bäumer
  • Italian - Use with "italian" as param, translation by Simone Naldi

Supported TeamViewer versions

  • TeamViewer 10
    • last tested with 10.0.47484 (german, italian, english)
    • branch teamviewer-10
    • released as v2.0.10.<minor>
  • TeamViewer 11
    • last tested with 11.0.53254.0 (german, italian, russian)
    • branch teamviewer-11
    • released as v2.0.11.<minor>
  • TeamViewer 12
    • last tested with 12.1.5697.0 (german only [starting with this version, I only test german - though italian is user tested usually])
    • branch teamviewer-12
    • released as v2.0.12.<minor>
  • TeamViewer 13
    • last tested with 13.0.6447
    • branch teamviewer-13
    • released as v2.0.13.<minor>
  • TeamViewer 14
    • last tested with 14.0.13880.0
    • branch teamviewer-14
    • released as v2.0.14.<minor>

Config file teamviewer-o-matic.conf format details

Section Setup
  • AddToContacts: Set to 1 to enable "add device to account" functionality, set to 0 to only set unattended password
  • AccountUsername: Your registered TeamViewer account name or email
  • AccountPassword: Password for AccountUsername
  • ConnectPassword: Password to set for unattended client access

Note that the "add device to account" functionality is kinda pointless these days. Unlike earlier, you now need to authorize new devices accessing the account. It requires to click a link in an email send to you. It IS possible to automate this, but it would be a pain in the ass and won't happen unless someone creates a pullrequest with that functionality.

Section Advanced
  • SleepDelay: The script will sleep on some "more intense" setup steps if this is larger zero. Can be used to increase reliability on slow machines.
  • SendKeyDelay: Delay to wait between simulated keystrokes. Again, can be used to increase reliability on slow machines.

Importing a TeamViewer settings export

It is also possible to have teamviewer-o-matic import a settings export from TeamViewer. To do so simply export the settings from a manually configured client. You will get a .reg file then, put this file as tv_full.reg or tv_host.reg - depending on source / target - in the teamviewer-o-matic directory. It will get detected and imported then after the TeamViewer Setup is done.

Important infos about the settings import

I've never tested importing host settings on full, or the other way around. But I wouldn't recommend it, so don't mix them up.

Importing old settings on newer versions seemed to work earlier, I once tried by accident when testing the teamviewer-11 branch. But again: I wouldn't recommend it.

Also keep in mind that, according to user reports, earlier TeamViewer versions exports the settings incorrectly if running on x64. It creates entries like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer while it should be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TeamViewer. You need to manually edit those (open the .reg file in Notepad or another text editor), else the file will get imported - but will have no effect. This doesn't apply to current TeamViewer builds anymore.

This is because without editing the entries land in the registry section for x64 executables, but TeamViewer runs on the Wow6432 subsystem since it's a 32bit executable and so its RegRead api calls get redirected. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how I understood Windows and its APIs)

Adding new languages

It's easy to add support for other languages.

If you intend to do so, I would highly appreciate if you fork this repository and send a pull request when done. If you aren't familiar with git and still want to contribute feel free to email me your created language file. I will integrate it then.

To add a new language:

  1. Copy an existing language file (i.e teamviewer-o-matic.strings.german.conf), rename the copy to teamviewer-o-matic.strings.myFancyLanguage.conf. myFancyLanguage is what you will later use when running teamviewer-o-matic.exe.
  2. Replace the texts in the categories Full_WindowTitles, Full_WindowTexts, Host_WindowTitles, Host_WindowTexts with their equivalents from the TeamViewer language you want to use. They are in order of appearance in setup flow, so it should be easy to get them even if you don't understand german. Else there is still Google Translate ;).
  3. Replace the texts in Full_TrayTips and Host_TrayTips to also localize teamviewer-o-matic's traytips (optional).

In case you want to add support for english or russian, you can use the files from teamviewer-12 branch as starting point. Both where supported at some point, but I personally don't need them and don't want to maintain them anymore.

Where to find binaries / already compiled releases?

See my Blog for occasional binary drops.

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