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Drupal 9 drupal-check Module Project Index Report

A report of the state of all Module Project Index modules utilizing the tool drupal-check a "static analysis tool that will check for correctness (e.g. using a class that doesn't exist), deprecation errors, and more." The purpose is to expose our readiness for Drupal 9 a full 15 months ahead of the arrival of Drupal 9, which is scheduled for June 2, 2019.

How do I use this repo?

Inside the FilesContainingKeywordReports folder you can find all 6,868 text files generated by running drupal-check using the script

Reports from my initial report using this script based on grep was made to seek the most common errors as reported Deprecation Error Solutions wiki portion of the drupal-check project page. are published below:

total files present = 6868

files containing "assertEqual" = 83

files containing "assertFieldByXPath" = 10

files containing "assertIdentical" = 23

files containing "assertNoText" = 25

files containing "deprecated" = 2941

files containing "of deprecated class" = 272

files containing "deprecated method" = 1561

files containing "does not exist" = 272

files containing "drupal_set_message" = 1692

files containing "entity_get_display" = 93

files containing "entity_get_form_display" = 106

files containing "entity_view" = 22

files containing "Fatal error" = 179

files containing "no error" = 3004

files containing "not found" = 802

files containing "not found and could not be autoloaded" = 93

files containing "Usage of deprecated trait" = 186

What can I do?

Read this:

Contributor or Module Maintainer?

Read this guide and plan a course of action

Drupal user?

Track progress of your favorite modules on ticketing If you don't see a ticket concerning the modules you rely on, raise an issue.

What we did at MidCamp 2019

We opened tickets after running the report on the most popular 300 modules by number of installs

Worksheet I worked from

Why are we documenting 'No Errors'?

Ultimately, seeing if a module is Drupal 9 compatible rely on an API call, so adding this drupalci.yml to the module now means it will be ready!

Why did I do this?

#For Drupal

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