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Before August 12, 2011: (noun) A sheet printed in colors by any process.

After: Your new favorite way of gathering, archiving, and viewing the photos and movies of your life.

This is the Rails port of PhotoStructure.

Unfortunately, it's not ready for public consumption yet. Feel free to read on, but know this still a work in progress.

Why not Google+/Facebook/Flickr?

Between losing your entire cloud-based email account, having privacy settings changed behind your back, and hundreds of photo sharing sites going out of business, why would you trust a company to store what amounts to the visual record of your life?

Why not iPhoto/Picasa/…?

If you've been taking photos regularly for a couple years, you'll have several hundred gigabytes of photos already. Desktop applications like iPhoto and Picasa don't currently scale up to holding hundreds of thousands of photos.

What's the solution?

Chromotype. It runs on your local computer, but it can also be used to share your photos directly -- but you are the cloud.

Chromotype imports the photos you have on your computer, even in your iPhoto and Picasa libraries.

Randomness makes you fast

Chromotype shows you /shuffled/ views of your photos and images. Finding that one shot, that "needle in a haystack," is always only a couple clicks away even if you don't know where to look at first.

Nerdy details

How does this work?

Chromotype is a Ruby on Rails application.

You'll need to install Rails and an RDBMS (sqlite3, MySQL, or PostgreSQL).

How do I tell Chromotype where my stuff is?

You specify root URIs when you install Chromotype. They're stored in the settings table.

How do the models interact?

There are only two main models:

  • tags, which are hierarchical and polymorphic
  • assets, which represents a thing that can be tagged, like an image.

When Chromotype starts, it recurses through each root URI, finds interesting things, extracts features, and imports.

Currently only local filesystems are supported.

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