Reporting Issues

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Reporting Issues

MCEdit 2 is currently in alpha. ONLY report issues where MCEdit does not start at all.

If you do not read these guidelines your issue will be closed without comment.

This issue tracker is for MCEdit 2.0 only. Issues with MCEdit 1.x need to be reported here:

When reporting an issue about MCEdit, you must include the following or your report will not be helpful:

  • Steps to Reproduce - Step by step, tell us exactly which buttons to click on, text to enter, and keys to press that lead you to discover the problem.
  • MCEdit Version Number - Found in the title bar of the main window.
  • Minecraft Version Number - You should already know how to find this. Also include a list of the mods you are using.
  • Operating System Version - At the very least, say whether you are on Windows, Mac, or Linux. To get a more exact version (e.g. "Windows Vista SP1 64-bit", "Mac OS X 10.6.4"):
  • Windows: click Start, then right-click Computer and choose "Properties".
  • Mac OS X: Choose "About This Mac" from the Apple menu.
  • Linux: See your distro's documentation to find out how to get the version number.
  • An animal is not a version number.

  • Error log - If MCEdit tells you it had an error, there will be vital information inside the console window and/or error log file. On Windows, this is the file mcedit.log inside the MCEdit User Data folder. Use pastebin for logs longer than a dozen lines. On Mac OS X, error info can be copied from the Console utility. (mcedit.log is also present on OS X, though it's buried deep inside the application bundle.) On Linux, the error log will be shown on the terminal you started MCEdit from.

The following are not required but can be very helpful, depending on the problem:

  • Screenshots - Found a graphical glitch or weird dialog box? Take a picture!
  • World File - Occasionally a problem is specific to some data stored in your world file. Zip up the world from your .minecraft/saves folder and upload it to a file sharing site such as Dropbox.
  • Video Walkthrough - If you can record the error and the exact steps leading up to it, this is an acceptable substitute for writing out the Steps to Reproduce.
  • Development Builds - Development builds of MCEdit are available from If you are having problems with the latest release build, try the development builds to see if it has already been fixed.

After you have read the above, Click Here to open a new issue.

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