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1 parent 17117c8 commit 45a55661a101bc2a0d0f0ddf4dbbbcaced468372 @zothar zothar committed Mar 11, 2012
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
from java import MCJavaLevel
from level import ChunkBase, computeChunkHeightMap, EntityLevel, FakeChunk, LightedChunk, MCLevel
from materials import alphaMaterials, classicMaterials, indevMaterials, MCMaterials, namedMaterials, pocketMaterials
-from mclevelbase import saveFileDir, minecraftDir, PlayerNotFound
+from mclevelbase import ChunkNotPresent, saveFileDir, minecraftDir, PlayerNotFound
from mclevel import fromFile, loadWorld, loadWorldNumber
from nbt import load, gunzip, TAG_Byte, TAG_Byte_Array, TAG_Compound, TAG_Double, TAG_Float, TAG_Int, TAG_Int_Array, TAG_List, TAG_Long, TAG_Short, TAG_String
import pocket

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