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added regression test for heightmap

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1 parent 983597d commit 67c3a7f86d385ee5dab72f72ea4a33ee2c0fbf99 @codewarrior0 codewarrior0 committed
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BIN regression_test/mars.png
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@@ -152,6 +152,7 @@ def do_test_match_output(test_data, result_check, arguments=[]):
(do_test, 'relight', 'e0cf60c62adfdb313f198af5314c31f89d158c12', ['relight']),
(do_test, 'replace', 'd73767293e903b6d1c49c1838eb1849b69d83ad8', ['replace', 'Water', 'with', 'Lava']),
(do_test, 'fill', 'f4f57c3d902b6894031d416cb9279232e7e24bd7', ['fill', 'Water']),
+ (do_test, 'heightmap', '9e7460d39c8e0456789cf89fee45276db2719aaa', ['heightmap', 'regression_test/mars.png']),
import optparse

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