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     One object to rule them all

- Import all the modules from cloud and forget about downloading, mantaining, etc.
- You just need one module on your local machine: Cloud.obj
- You can centralize your modules at your office, via intranet or in the cloud.

== Yes & No ==

- Yes, is like an RPC.
- Yes, it serializes objects.
- No, is not a webservice.
- No, it does not uses ZeroMQ or any other message queue framework (it is web-based)
- YES. It is that simple.

== But again, how? ==

Cloud.obj, as a server, just exposes modules.
Then, as a client, it maps them to urls, exposing classes, methods, properties.
Finally, you can use it and interact like any regular module!

== Give me some code! ==

#A simple, example

import cloud
o = cloud.Obj("") #o is the module sys
print "The path is ", o.path