CakePHP behavior to build and maintain an index of select fields from one or more models. The resulting model helps blur the differences between the models from which it is built.
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 * CakePHP Postable Behavior
 * @author Patrick McFern <mcferno AT>
 * @source
 * Allows you to map data from one or more models to a central model/table
 * which maintains an index of common fields. The resulting set of data can be 
 * manipulated in an abstract fashion, allowing you to blur the differences
 * between different types of data.
 * Settings:
 * - storageModel : default 'Post'. 
 *     Name of the model which will be instantiated and used as the storage for 
 *     the common data. This model should never use this behavior.
 * - mapping :
 *     By default, the field name of all non-essential columns in the 
 *     storage model will be used as-is to find matches in other models using
 *     the behavior. This is used to override the mapping for a specific model.
 *     Format : array('columnNameInStorageModel' => 'fieldNameInSourceModel')
 *     If a columnName is assigned `false`, it will be ignored during mapping.
 *     If a columnName is assigned `true`, it will invoke a Model callback to 
 *       handle the data assignment (below).
 * - mappingCallback : default 'postableMappingCallback'
 *     The model callback function used to map data. This allows the model to 
 *     manipulate the data as needed before it is recorded in the storage model.
 *     To enable this callback, set the mapping to `true` for a column (above)
 *     Syntax : postableMappingCallback(columnName, modelData);
 *     The callback should return data for the specific columnName in a saveable
 *     format.
 * - inclusionCallback : default `null`
 *     The model callback function used to determine whether or not a specific
 *     record should be included in the storage model.
 *     Syntax : postableInclusionCallback(modelData);
 *     The callback should return true (use) or false (omit)