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An pure python implementation of multicast DNS service discovery

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This is a fairly extensive fork of:

    Multicast DNS Service Discovery for Python v0.12 by Paul Scott-Murphy.

The package zeroconf contains most of the functional code.
The module zeroconf/ contains a threaded mDNS query/responder 
The module zeroconf/ provides low-level multicast socket 
setup and group membership functions.

The samplecode/ directory contains various sample code. -- sample MDNS service browser
    nameprobe -- probe and attempt to reserve a .local MDNS name

To install and play:

.. code-block:: bash 

    $ virtualenv working 
    $ source working/bin/activate 
    $ pip install -e git+
    $ cd working/src/pyzeroconf/samplecode
    # Note the trailing '.' character!
    $ python myserver.local.
To build and view the docs on a Linux machine (from the previous):

.. code-block:: bash

    $ pip install -I sphinx
    $ cd working/src/pyzeroconf/docs
    $ make html
    $ kde-open _build/html/index.html
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