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PugSQL is a simple Python interface for using parameterized SQL, in files.

See for the documentation.

To install:

pip install pugsql

Development Setup

To set up a development environment, create a virtual environment. pyenv-virtualenv is a good way to do this:

brew install pyenv-virtualenv
pyenv virtualenv 3.8.2 pugsql
pyenv activate pugsql

Development of the library is done with poetry. Install poetry to your virtualenv:

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install poetry
poetry install

The test suite is largely written against sqlite, and also currently includes some postgresql coverage. To get postgres on a mac,

brew install postgresql
brew services start postgresql

The postgres tests will use PGUSER and a PGPASS environment variables to override the default postgres user and password, when they exist. Postgres should be hosting on

To run the tests and the linter:

poetry run pytest
poetry run flake8