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A new music player focused on effectively organizing emulated sound files from classic video game systems
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Oxford Librarian from Privateer
Masterson, the librarian at Oxford in Wing Commander Privateer

Gemini Librarian

For the simple and intuitive navigation of your VGM libraries.

View more detailed notes on my design choices and philosophy at my personal technology blog.


A media library and player specifically intended for organizing video game music files. By focusing specifically on the audience for this type of music, I aim to eliminate a lot of chaff that comes with the use of a more generalized player. I've long been a user of Foobar2000, although an excellent piece of extensible software, never quite managed to do what I as the user wanted it to do.

Gemini Librarian layout prototype
Gemini Librarian layout prototype: quick, lightweight, functional, and efficient.

The focus of Gemini Librarian is on giving the listener an easy way to navigate their library: by system, alphabetically, and finally by soundtrack. It will streamline adding libraries of emulated music files (VGM, SPC, PSF, amongst others) and maintain this simple lightweight design. Rather than relying on the user to configure plugins and become and expert in Foobar's panel management, it will focus on quickly finding the music they desire and playing it.

Once the initial organization capabaility is established, I will then focus on adding traditional established media interface elements such as ratings and playlists. My vision is to allow the user to experience the music the way they want it and without frustration.

Foobar2000 default layout
One of Foobar's default layouts. Although the software is very capable and extensible, it can be overwhelming to a casual user and requires too much effort to customize.

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