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External 7-segment display driver for Wing Commander
C# C++
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External 7-segment display driver for Wing Commander

4 digit 7-segment display attached to an Arduino

Tested on Windows 10 with GOG release of Wing Commander 1.


Hardware used for external display:
  • Elegoo Arduino UNO R3
  • 830 tie-points breadboard
  • 4 Digit 7-segment display (common cathode)
  • 4 330-ohm resistors
  • a bunch of M-M jumper wires
Notable files:
  • kps_counter.ino - sketch to upload to the Arduino to receive data via serial connection and display
  • WingCommanderMemoryReader.cs - interface to pull relevant data from DOSBox process
  • Program.cs - CLI program that bridges the memory interface to the Arduino serial connection
  • - Compiled version of the C# project, sketch, and memory.dll

Additional information can be found in my blog

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