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Super simple resum\'es
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Resumay is a super-simple LaTeX class for a clear, concise resum\'e. CVs are also supported!

Distributed under WTFPL (see LICENSE.txt)


Simply place the resumay.cls file into your working directory, and use the resumay document class.

Pass the sans option to use sans class.

Provide a name, email, and phone for your header.

Specify if you want the header to be underlined with underlinetitle

Use the positionlist and positionenv environments to create a bulleted list or a simple paragraph. Take optional arguments: title, start date, end date, skills

JSON Conversion

A script is included to convert from a CV in JSON format to TeX. This may be useful if (for example) you wish to separtely render your same CV in HTML to go on your website.


  • Built-in position list commands
  • Custom bib style? (Or better suggestion in example CV?)
  • More options for headers
  • Automatic placing of items in header
  • Manual control over order of items in header
  • Improve support of Python converter (see file)
  • Proper description of JSON schema
  • Compatibility with JSONresume (?)
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