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  • 2013.02.09 - v0.9.15

    • Rewriting of some of the Task prototype property descriptors
  • 2013.02.07 - v0.9.14

    • Fixed an issue where unreferenced tasks attribute was not being instantiated for the initialize method with use of addSubTask
    • Fixed issue with tasks being processed in parallel task before the task had been started
  • 2013.01.31 - v0.9.13

    • onChange is no longer a public method
    • Tasks now have events and can be referenced through on, off, has and trigger methods of the task
      • This was implemented to increase the shear number of tasks that can be run
      • Triggering state changes is not suggested
    • Performace tuning updates
      • "SequenceTasks" now are wrapped in a setTimeout to increase the number of tasks that can be run in sequence
      • Load tests are now part of the unit testing
        • ParallelTask - 10000 simultaneous
        • SequenceTask - 2000 (takes longer because of the timeout)
    • currentIndex and processedIndex of group tasks are now private properties
    • 'state' is now only a getter
    • Removed max attribute until I can further gauge its usefulness
  • 2013.01.11 - v0.9.10

    • Source development is now completed in the source directory in smaller more managable pieces
    • Updated build file to pull and combine files from source directory
    • Optimizations for file size
  • 2013.01.11 - v0.9.9

    • Renamed while to doWhile
    • Updates to Unit Tests
    • Added initialize method to Task
    • Added options property for attributes outside of whitelist
    • Task product was renamed to data
    • Rework of data manipulation
    • Replaced generic abstract examples with more concrete ones