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A task based library that provides a simple structure for handling singular, sequential and parallel units of code.

The overall architecture is based off of the composite and decorator patterns. These patterns lend themselves very well to a task based library, where tasks can contain other tasks all contributing to the overall flow of an operation.

This library also makes it possible to run tasks concurrrently with help of HTML5 WebWorkers and Blobs.


The library itself has no hard ties to the browser, and because of this it works both in client side & server side javascript projects. Include monkeybars.min.js for your client side projects or install using npm by running the following command from within your project:

$ npm install [-g] monkeybars


Examples for the library can be found in the examples directory of this project.


There are detailed explanations for different aspects of the library available within the wiki pages.

API documentation, including methods and properties available to task types, can be seen here.

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