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* include the headers required by the generated cpp code
#include "Processor.h"
#include "image_pool.h"
using namespace cv;
* some constants, see Processor.h
#define DETECT_FAST 0
#define DETECT_STAR 1
#define DETECT_SURF 2
//import the android-cv.i file so that swig is aware of all that has been previous defined
//notice that it is not an include....
%import "android-cv.i"
//make sure to import the image_pool as it is
//referenced by the Processor java generated
%typemap(javaimports) Processor "
import com.opencv.jni.image_pool;// import the image_pool interface for playing nice with
// android-opencv
/** Processor - for processing images that are stored in an image pool
class Processor {
virtual ~Processor();
void detectAndDrawFeatures(int idx, image_pool* pool, int feature_type);
bool detectAndDrawChessboard(int idx,image_pool* pool);
void resetChess();
int getNumberDetectedChessboards();
void calibrate(const char* filename);
void drawText(int idx, image_pool* pool, const char* text);
void setupDescriptorExtractorMatcher(const char* filename, int feature_type);