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/* File : android-cv.i */
%module cvcamera
* the java import code muse be included for the opencv jni wrappers
* this means that the android project must reference opencv/android as a project
* see the for how this is done
%pragma(java) jniclassimports=%{
import com.opencv.jni.*; //import the android-opencv jni wrappers
%pragma(java) jniclasscode=%{
static {
try {
//load the cvcamera library, make sure that is in your <project>/libs/armeabi directory
//so that android sdk automatically installs it along with the app.
//the android-opencv lib must be loaded first inorder for the cvcamera
//lib to be found
//check the apk generated, by opening it in an archive manager, to verify that
//both these libraries are present
} catch (UnsatisfiedLinkError e) {
throw e;
//include the Processor class swig interface file
%include "Processor.i"
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