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Dragon Warrior Randomizer

This application is a randomizer for Dragon Warrior for NES. This randomizer will work on either version of the ROM.

If you enjoy Dragon Warrior Randomizer, come join our discord community!

The randomizer has the following features, and more:

Random overworld map generation

A new overworld map is generated with each seed. Checks are used to make sure all towns and caves are accessible. On generated maps, the Rainbow Drop is used just outside Charlock to create a bridge over the moat.

Randomizing chest contents

Chest contents throughout the game are randomized. Checks are used to ensure that quest items (Staff of Rain, Silver Harp, Stones of Sunlight) are not located in Charlock castle. Erdrick's Tablet is removed.

Randomizing enemy attack patterns

This will give some enemies spells they did not originally have. This means you could have a Red Slime with SLEEP, a Wizard with Fire Breath, or any other combination!

Randomizing enemy zones

The locations of enemies will be changed. Randomizer ensures that enemies near Tantegel Castle are not too tough to defeat at low levels, but beyond that, anything goes.

Random enemy stats, XP, and gold

Enemy statisics (strength, agility, HP) can be randomized, as can the amount of gold and experience you receive from them.

Boosting XP/gold drops

Enemies will now give you more XP and Gold, in line with the SNES remake of the game. XP and gold drops are limited to 255 due to game engine limitations.

Lowering MP requirements

MP requirements for spells are adjusted to be the same as those in the remake.

Randomized weapon shops

Weapon shop inventory will now be random. Every shop will have 5-6 random items.

Random XP requirements

Experience requirements to obtain a new level can be randomized.

Random weapon prices

Weapon prices can be randomized. This does not affect their capability.

Shuffled "searched for" items

The Fairy Flute, Erdrick's Armor, and Erdrick's Token will now be shuffled, so for example the token could be in Kol instead of the flute, and the armor on the overworld. Erdrick's Token or the Flute could also be in a random chest instead of on the ground. In addition, the item's location on the overworld is random. The NPC in Cantlin can tell you where it is.

Randomized player attributes

Your character's Strength, Agility, HP and MP are randomly generated.

Randomized spell learning

Spells learning is now randomized. Any spell can be learned anywhere from level 1 to level 16.

Buffed HEAL and HURT

The HEAL spell has a range from 17-25. The HURT spell has a range from 9-16.

Faster leveling

The number of experience points required for level ups can be adjusted with the fast leveling and very fast leveling options. These require 75% and 50% of the normal requirements for the game, respectively.

Cursed Princess mode

Get Princess Gwaelin to take a cursed belt from your inventory when you bring her to the king to win the game. The game can also still be completed in the normal manner.

Three's Company mode

Bring Princess Gwaelin to the Dragonlord and agree to join him in ruling the world to win in this mode. The game can also still be completed in the normal manner.

Alternate player sprites

Over 60 alternate sprites to choose from for the main character.

Other changes

The Death Necklace is always available in a chest. Putting it on gives you +10 attack power at the cost of 25% of your max HP and being cursed. The Fighter's Ring works (+2 ATK). Other options include faster text, open Charlock (no Rainbow Drop required) shortened Charlock dungeon, disabling magic keys, or more swamp on the overworld.

Running the randomizer

Web Version

The easiest way to use the randomizer is via your web browser. Simply go to This should work on all major browsers.

Desktop Installation


Simply click on the executable in your file manager. On Windows, you may want to place this somewhere easy to find, such as on the Desktop.

Linux and Mac OSX

On Linux the application is available as a debian package, snap image, or AppImage. For ArchLinux the package is available via the AUR. For Mac OS, there is currently no package provided as I don't have a way to build one, so you may have to do so yourself or use the web-based version


Once the application is running, simply select your Dragon Warrior ROM file by clicking the ROM File box, and choose an output directory. The Seed box will be pre- filled with a random seed number. You can generate a new one with the Random Seed button, or choose your own by entering it in the box. The Flags box is where you enter flags for the options you would like to use, or simply choose them with the check boxes below. If you're not sure, click Presets to get a list of standard presets. Now click Randomize, and you should be prompted by your browser to select a directory do save the file. If you do not get such a dialog, check your Downloads folder for the file. Simply run this using your favorite emulator or flash cart.

Compiling from source

If you'd prefer to compile your own version from source code, here are some instructions.

Web-based or Electron version

To build this application, you will first need Emscripten.

  • Instructions for installing Emscripten can be found here


Install emscripten from

Instructions for MacOS and linux. These may also work on Windows.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=<path to emscripten>/cmake/Modules/Platform/Emscripten.cmake ..
make dwrandomizer-cli

You'll then have the necessary files in the release directory, which can be served via a local web server. For example:

cd release/
python -m http.server

Then open a web browser to http://localhost:8000


First, complete the emscripten build instructions and copy the files from build/release into the electron directory (or copy all of these files into a new directory). Change to that directory.

Some Linux distributions contain a standalone electron in the package manager. There may also be other ways to install this on other platforms. In this case, you can simply run electron and pass in the electron directory.

electron .

Otherwise, To build the electron version, you will need node.js, yarn, and electron-builder.

  • Instructions for installing node.js can be found here

After that is complete, install yarn and electron-builder:

npm install yarn
yarn install

Next run electron-builder to build the application for the appropriate operating system:

node_modules/.bin/electron-builder --windows --linux --macos

On Windows, this should result in a executable in the dist directory. Copy it to somewhere appropriate.

On Linux and Macos, the dist directory should contain a package you can install. The linux build currently builds a debian package, a snap image and an AppImage. Choose the one you want to install.

Command Line

To build the command line application, you should only need cmake installed.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && make

This should result in a command line executable present in the build directory. The command line application is very barebones, but running without arguments will give some help. There is currently no way to get the appropriate flagset argument via this version, so you will have to obtain that elsewhere, such as the web-based version.


What is the "checksum" when generating a ROM?

The program outputs a checksum at the bottom of the screen when generating a new ROM. The checksum can be used to verify that 2 instances of the game are the same, i.e. the input ROM is the same and the same seed and flags were used. This is mostly useful for verifying ROMs in races, where normally all players play the same randomized game.