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Releases: mcgrew/dwrandomizer

Minor improvements

04 Jul 01:28
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  • Changed Death Counter flag to modify the checksum
    • The counter mildly changes some game timing so it should not have the same checksum
  • Improvements to Noir Mode
    • This mode should be less garish and look more like the output of a black & white television
  • Removed Dr. Wily stage music from the possible ending tracks to avoid more VOD mutes on Twitch.

Bug fixes and a new sprite

20 Feb 22:02
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  • Fixed a bug in stair shuffle that may cause Dragonlord to be inaccessible.
  • Fixed a potential bug in chest placement code.
  • Some player growth curve changes to hopefully speed things up a little.
    • This should put it more in line with play times from version 2.2.
  • Removed Moon Theme to prevent VOD muting by Twitch.
  • Added a few more original tracks.
  • Fixed an issue with 2-byte XP/Gold drops when randomized (it was being truncated to one byte).
  • Removed the top floor from Charlock in "Short Charlock" (community request).
  • Removed Golem from the search spot treasure guard pool.
  • Added "Mina the Hollower" sprite.
  • Added support for dark mode.

So many changes!

30 Nov 23:30
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  • Entirely new web-based user interface
  • Added tri-state flags for most options. This allows an option to randomly be on or off.
    • Two flags are exceptions, which are "partial" flags
      • "Summer Sale" will only discount about half of the items when set to "partial"
      • "Treasure Guards" will set only about half of important items to be guarded.
  • Added tracking of certain stats which will be displayed after the game ending. The following are tracked:
    • Encounters, defeats, and deaths for each monster.
    • The number of times you used each spell.
    • Deaths - The number of times you died.
    • Attacks - The number of times you used the "Attack" command.
    • Crits - The number of times you had an "Excellent Move".
    • Dodges - The number of times an enemy dodged
    • Blocks - The number of times you were prevented from running.
    • Ambushes - The number of times a monster attacked you first.
    • Bonks - The number of times you ran into an obstacle.
    • Play time - In game play time from when you selected message speed until the "Until the dragons return again" text displays.
      • This includes time on the title screen if you have started the game and then reset.
  • Added a flag for enabling random chest placement.
  • Added stair shuffle to randomize where dungeon stairs go.
  • Added alternate algorithm for determining run chances.
    • With this flag on, chances of running will be determines by which map you are on rather than the monster difficulty.
    • This is the same algorithm used when "Random Monster Stats" is on.
  • Added "Summer Sale" flag which will discount all weapons and armor by 35-65%
  • Added "Random Map Size" option to allow generation of smaller maps.
  • Added "Treasure Guards" where a mid-level spike encounter will guard important items.
    • Guarded items are Erdrick's Armor & Sword, Silver Harp, Erdrick's Token, and Stones of Sunlight.
  • Added "Randomly Rotate/Mirror Dungeons" which will change the orientation of dungeon maps
    • Maps can be rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees in addition to being vertically or horizontally mirrored.
  • Added a summary tab which will display a summary of what options are set to.
  • Added sorting of player inventory based on item index
  • Added display of what spells you learned at level up (instead of "thou hast learned a spell").
  • Added support for 2-byte XP and Gold drops from monsters
    • Red Dragons now give 350 XP.
    • Golems now give 350 XP.
    • Goldmen now give 650 GOLD.
  • Adjusted the player strength growth curve.
  • Adjusted the curves for random XP and Gold drops for monsters based on the new values.
  • "Short Charlock" now includes the top floor of Charlock unless "Stair Shuffle" is also on.
  • Added new sprites:
    • FF4 Edge
    • Plumplim
    • DoaE Guan Yu
    • DoaE Zhang Fei
    • DoaE Zhao Yun
    • DoaE Huang Zhong
    • DoaE Ma Chao
    • DoaE Zhuge Liang
    • DoaE Jiang Wei
    • DoaE Lu Bu
    • Bo Jackson
    • Jerry Rice
    • Barry Sanders

Some balance changes for the tournament

07 Jul 00:03
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  • Maximum STOPSPELL resist is now 9/16
  • Maximum SLEEP/DL2 breath chance is now 50%
  • New Flag: Scaled Metal Slime XP (32 times level)
    • With this flag Metal Slimes will give XP equal to 32 times your level or 255, whichever is less.
  • Updated the default flags to CDFGMPRSTWZar

Armor in Charlock? Yes. And much more!

01 Mar 14:44
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  • Added the ability for Erdrick's Armor to be in a chest

  • The 3 search spots can now have any unique item: Sword, Armor, Token, Harp, Stones, Death Necklace, Fairy Flute.

    • Death Necklace on a search spot also creates a mini gold grind there.
  • Added the ability to use torches and fairy water in battle

  • Added a flag for forcing heal/hurt before healmore/hurtmore

  • Added a "No Hurtmore" flag

  • Changed "Vanilla Map" to "Random Map"

    • Opposite logic, of course
  • Fixed picking up the token again after getting the Rainbow Drop

    • The chest/search spot will now be empty instead if you have the drop
  • Moved Challenge mode sprites to be flags on the new Challenge tab

  • Removed the extra town/cave locations from vanilla map

  • Major overhaul of all stat generation

    • Added "make stats consistent" option for this mode for those who want the stats to be a little more sane.
  • Also modified algorithms for random weapon prices and random XP.

  • Modified the harp to pull lower-tier monsters (Zone 1&2)

  • Rimuldar will no longer be required on the first continent if there is an accessible key in a cave

  • Major speed increase to map generation (thanks dvj!)

  • Removed stray sheild sprite in "Invisible hero" (thanks dwedit!)

  • Added an option to disable screen flashing for spell casts

  • Added "Permanent Torch" option

    • This will make the minimum viewable area 3x3 in dark areas
    • Torches will have no effect, but radiant still works as expected
  • Fixed a bug where HP was not boosted when "Randomize Growth" was off in big swamp mode.

  • Made sure there is no item on the overworld if "No Numbers" is enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where towns were occasionally placed in improper spots on non-random maps

  • Fixed random sprite choice to not be deterministic

    • The random sprite chosen will no longer depend on the seed number
  • Added new sprites:

    • Ms. Pacman Sue
    • FF4 Cecil
    • Yoshi
    • Fixed an error in the Kirby princess carrying sprite

Sprite fix

29 Jul 00:49
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  • Fixed an issue with the Slime and Red Slime sprites.
  • Fixed the version number.

Bug fixes

28 Jul 07:03
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  • Fixed a bug where selecting the default hero sprite would crash the randomizer
  • Fixed a bounds check error in the map code which could crash the randomizer
  • Some minor edits to a few sprites.

More ways to WIN!

27 Jul 06:30
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  • Cursed Princess mode!
    • In this mode, you can win the game by getting Gwaelin to take a cursed belt from your inventory when you return her to the king.
  • Three's Company mode!
    • In this mode, you can win by bringing the princess to the Dragonlord and accepting his offer to join him.
  • Vanilla Map option
    • Allows you to play with the original map instead of a randomized one.
  • "Chaos Mode" has been removed and separated into multiple options
  • Fixed some issues with disabled/randomized music.
    • Music can now be totally disabled aside from instances where it affects game timing
    • All music is now randomized/disabled, including after inn stays, etc.
  • New player sprites:
    • Red Slime
    • Metal Slime
    • Dragonlord
    • Jason (Blaster Master)
    • Bomberman
    • Christine (Arkista's Ring)
    • Kirby
    • Lala (Adventures of Lolo)
    • Lolo (Adventures of Lolo)
    • Pac-Man
    • Ms. Pac-Man
    • Inky
    • Blinky
    • Pinky
    • Clyde
    • Slime (Dragon Quest franchise)
    • Mike (Star Tropics)
    • Waluigi (Mario franchise)
    • Wario (Mario franchise)
    • Doran (Dragon Warrior IV)
    • Tov the Dog (Dragon Wariror IV)
    • Yeti (Dragon Warrior IV)
  • The wizard now takes the token as well as the staff/stones when you receive the rainbow drop
  • An option to make metal slimes always run, even when you have low strength.
  • "Search" now opens a treasure chest instead of just telling you one is there.
    • It's still faster to use "Take"
  • Added an option to change to modern Dragon Quest spell names
  • Fixed a bug in Death Necklace max HP calculations
    • This fixes an issue where HP was 1 lower than it should have been with the necklace equipped.
  • Some tweaks to map generation which should make them more interesting.
  • The Brecconary fairy water shop no longer requires a key to access.

Bug fix for potential soft lock

06 Aug 06:36
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  • Fixed an issue where Brecconary being on a different continent from Tantegel Castle could create a soft lock if the swamp cave is inside Tantegel.
    • Brecconary will now always be on the same continent as Tantegel if the swamp cave is in Tantegel.
  • Fixed the Fairy Water text for female characters (his -> her).

Bug fix for the new sprites

31 Jul 05:13
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This fixes an issue with some of the new sprites where some randomizer changes made their way into the sprite code.

Affected sprites:

  • Black Belt
  • Black Mage
  • Black Wizard
  • Master