@mcgrew mcgrew released this Aug 5, 2016 · 196 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • A new option --speed-hacks (-H) has been added to speed up text and some other aspects of the game.
  • Tantegel Castle is no longer confined to its original zone from the vanilla game. Zone 0 will be moved to accomodate.
  • A few incorrect monster stats have been fixed:
    • Droll HP has been reduced from 43 to 35 (this is what the GBC/SNES release has it as)
    • Werewolves will now give 95 XP and 155G instead of 120/185. This also matches values from the GBC/SNES release.
  • Gold drops will now always be the maximum amount instead of a random percentage. This is also in line with the re-releases.
  • Fixed a bug where Charlock castle could be obstructed, thus making the game impossible to finish.
  • Fixed a bug where the program would occasionally get stuck when generating the map.