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@mcgrew mcgrew released this Dec 12, 2016 · 167 commits to master since this release

  • Graphical interface! DWRandomizer now has a GUI for a better user experience.
  • There is now a Windows installer for DWRandomizer - it will now be added to the start menu.
  • The ROM output directory can now be specified in the GUI or from the command line via the --output-dir option
  • Fixed the Cantlin NPC dialog when the overworld item is more than 100 steps from the castle.
  • Added back the silver harp.
    • The NPC in the Northern Shrine will now always have the Staff of Rain.
    • Enemies summoned by the harp will now be a random set of 8 different enemies.
  • Buffed some of the weaker spells.
    • HEAL now has a range of 18-25 HP.
    • HURT now has a range of 9-16 HP.
  • Menu wrap-around.
    • Various menus in the game will now have the cursor wrap from top to bottom (optional).
  • The Death Necklace will now always appear in it's chest the first time. You can still only get one.
  • Death Necklace now has an optional function other than cursing you. It can give a +10 ATK at the expense of 25% of your HP (you are still cursed).
  • Some enemy balance changes:
    • Reduced Droll HP from 35 to 20
    • Reduced Poltergeist HP from 26 to 23
    • Reduced Specter HP from 48 to 33
    • Reduced Goldman HP from 110 to 35
  • Some changes to zone randomization:
    • Zones 1 & 2 will now have Wolf and below only.
    • Tantegel will have 2 of each of these zones surrounding it
      • Zone 1 will be to the east and west
      • Zone 2 will be to the north and south
    • All other zones will be random (using a new algorithm)
      • The new algorithm ensures each zone will appear on the overworld no more than 5 times.
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